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LADIES – Do your bit for Australian families

When good friends get together, amazing things can happen.  And that’s exactly what we’re predicting for your LADIES NIGHT.

All you have to do is grab your friends, stay home or pick a place – then have fun!  Before the night, each make a $35 donation – and you’ll be helping us provide a room for a family facing a medical crisis.

Sure, you’ll be doing an amazing job of raising money that we desperately need.  But with all the laughs, chats, food, drinks and fun you’ll be having while you’re there, it’ll feel like anything but a job.

You may want to hold a raffle or silent auction on your LADIES NIGHT to help increase the amount you raise.  It’s a great way for your local businesses to get involved and help you.

Don’t forget to wear something RED: lipstick, shoes, dress, anything at all.  Take pics of your night and #HHladiesinred so we can share your gorgeous faces fabulous evening.


If you want raise money for Heartfelt Homes your own way, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have funds to donate, just click here for more information.

Thank you.