Meet Caroline Meehan, Founder.

Just over two years ago, Caroline and her husband Andy were loving life as mum and dad to their two and three year olds.  Andy worked as a carpenter while Caroline had her hands full as a stay at home mum.

All that came to a screaming halt on 18th December 2013 when Andy was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  Suddenly their carefree days were swapped for long days of 7 hour round trips for tests, scans, appointments and treatment.

Caroline’s concern for Andy was constant – as was her need to be by his side.  And she very quickly found out that doing that, being where she had to be – was costly.  They needed extra day care for the kids, petrol and $30 a day hospital parking fees.  And when it came to Andy’s surgery, the mounting accommodation costs on top of being separated from her children, almost pushed Caroline to breaking point.  The cancer.  The financial stress.  The worry.  And the absolute need to keep the family together was overwhelming.

As she wondered how on earth she was going to get through it all, she started to think about hundreds, possibly thousands, of other Aussie families who find themselves in the same awful situation.  And she decided to help them.  To do something about it.

And Heartfelt Homes was created.

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