Doing good can help improve your prospects, your profits and your business; and it changes lives.

We would like to thank a very special corporate donor for their generous and ongoing support, we wouldn’t have achieved what we have without them. Thank you Brydens Lawyers for helping us say yes to more families.  Brydens Lawyers generously sponsor a hotel room at Wesley Lodge for families with a loved one in Westmead or The Childrens hospital at Westmead.

“Brydens Lawyers have, for over 40 years, provided expert legal advice and representation to those persons who ordinarily would be unable to engage solicitors.  It is this philosophy that has set Brydens apart and been the basis of its success.  Brydens Lawyers is cognisant of its corporate responsibility to help where it can and it is for that reason that Brydens Lawyers is an enthusiastic supporter of Heartfelt Homes. 

The Principal and many of Brydens Lawyers staff have personally endured the unfortunate experience of having to attend upon loved ones in hospital and therefore could not have been happier to assist Heartfelt Homes in providing accommodation and other help to people in need.  Brydens Lawyers is incredibly proud of its association with Heartfelt Homes and the work that it performs”

Here at Heartfelt Homes we have identified the issue of lack of accommodation for families with loved ones who are critically ill or injured in hospital and within this issue lies many opportunities for business.   

Corporate Partners

We would love to hear from those who are developing their business and trying to do more to help people.  Those who believe financial profit is not the only driving force and take a more balanced view of business.  Just making money to simply give it away is out of date and doesn’t make for a great partnerships, we want to work with our corporate partners in as many different ways as we can.

Whether you’re a multinational or a smaller business, we’d love to discuss exciting ways we could work together and how we can add value to your brand. 

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